'Greys_r', ax=None, figsize=8, zscale=True, frame=False, contrast=0.1, sources=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Show image data

  • cmap (str, optional) – matplotlib colormap, by default “Greys_r”

  • ax (subplot, optional) – matplotlbib Axes in which to plot, by default None

  • figsize (tuple, optional) – matplotlib figure size if ax not sepcified, by default (10,10)

  • stars (bool, optional) – whether to show Image.stars_coords, by default None

  • stars_labels (bool, optional) – whether top show stars indexes, by default True

  • zscale (bool, optional) – whether to apply a z scale to plotted image data, by default False

  • frame (bool, optional) – whether to show astronomical coordinates axes, by default False

  • contrast (float, optional) – image contrast used in image scaling, by default 0.1

  • ms (int) – stars markers size

  • ft (int) – stars label font size

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