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Citing a Sequence dependencies#

new in prose 3.1.0

prose depends on a lot of Python packages and published methods. When using prose in your research, you can generate a complete aknowledgment sentence (and associated BibTeX entries) based on the blocks used in a Sequence.

For example, given the following Sequence

from prose import Sequence, blocks

sequence = Sequence([

the following citation can be extracted

acknowledgement, bibtex = sequence.citations()

where acknowledgement contains the aknowledgment sentence and bibtex the necessary BibTeX entries. Please make sure to check the generated text and BibTeX entries before using them in your work.

print(acknowledgement, "\n")
print(bibtex[0:500], "...")
This research made use of \textsf{prose} \citep{prose} and its dependencies (astroquery \citep{astroquery}, scipy \citep{scipy}, scikit-image \citep{scikit-image}, photutils \citep{photutils}, numpy \citep{numpy} and astropy \citep{astropy}). 

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