class prose.blocks.photometry.AnnulusBackground(rin: float = 5, rout: float = 8, sigma: float = 3, scale=True, name: Optional[str] = None)[source]#

Estimate background around each source using an annulus aperture.

read, Image.sources

write Image.annulus

  • rin (float, optional) – inner radius of the annulus, by default 5

  • rout (float, optional) – outer radius of the annulus, by default 8

  • sigma (float, optional) – sigma clipping applied to pixel within annulus before taking the median value, by default 3.

  • scale (bool, optional) – whether to scale annulus to EPSF fwhm, by default True. If True, each image must contain an effective PSF and its model (e.g. using MedianEPSF and one of Gaussian2D)

  • name (str, optional) – name of the block, by default None