class prose.blocks.visualization.Video(destination, fps=10, compression=None, data_function=None, width=None, contrast=0.1, name=None)[source]#

A block to create a video from images data (using ffmpeg).

  • destination (str) – The path to save the resulting video.

  • fps (int, optional) – The frames per second of the resulting video. Default is 10.

  • compression (int, optional) – The compression rate of the resulting video (-cr value of fmmpeg). Default is None.

  • data_function (callable, optional) – A function to apply to each image data before adding it to the video. If none, a z scale is applied to the data with a contrast given by contrast.Default is None.

  • width (int, optional) – The width in pixels of the resulting video. Default is None (i.e. original image size).

  • contrast (float, optional) – The contrast of the resulting video. Default is 0.1. Either contrast or data_function must be provided.

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the block. Default is None.


The citations for the block.


list of str


Adds an image to the video.


Closes the video writer.