FitsManager.scan_files(files, batch_size=False, verbose=True, hdu=0, telescope=None, verbose_new=False, verbose_os=False, leave=False)[source]#

Scan files and add data to database

  • files (list of str or Path) – paths of files

  • batch_size (bool or int, optional) –

    • if False: update database after all FITS files are parsed

    • if int: update database every time batch_size FITS files are parse

    by default False

  • verbose (bool, optional) – whether to show progress bar during parsing, by default True

  • hdu (int) – FITS data unit extension where header will be parsed

  • telescope (prose.Telescope) – telescope to be imposed for these files, by default None

  • verbose_new (bool, optional) – whether to show how many files are new, by default False

  • verbose_os (bool, optional) – whether to show OS commands, by default False

  • leave (bool, optional) – whether to leave progress bar after completion, by default False